Support Implementing Partners
Facility Count DistributionDrilldown
Cadre of Staff Dispensing PrEP
Partners Percentage SupportDrilldown
Facility Ownership
Facility Level
Partner Supported Component(s)
HIV Services Offered
Population Offered PrEP
Hepatitis B Availability
Hepatitis C Availability
Creatinine Availability
Lab Services Availability
PrEP Register(s) AvailabilityDrilldown
Rapid Assessment Tool(s) Availability
Training On National PrEP M&E Tool(s)
PrEP Summary Tool(s)
Tool(s) Availability
Clinical Encounter Form
Follow-Up Methods
PrEP Clients Both Ever Initiated and Currently on Care
Service Providers Training
Application Used To Manage PrEP Commodities
Facilities Source Of ARVs
Cadre Of Staff Dispensing PrEP
PrEP Drug Dispensation
Facility Partner Service Delivery Points
Gaps Per County
Gaps Per County

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